Electronic Data Processing systems enable Members to offer consumers the option of paying by 
Check. This system has advantages for both member and consumer, improving efficiency, accuracy
and flexibility.
Why Choose Us?
Easy Approval
No Set Up Fee
No Monthly Fee
No Hidden Fees
Members Paid Weekly
Transactions Verified in near real time
We dont outsource, Everything is done in house
Recurring Payment Option
Five (5) Stages Fraud Protection Process (Done in Gateway)
On Time Payouts
A lot of consumers are more comfortable with electronic payment options.
But in reality some of them still prefer to pay with checks.
Check2Pay offers three (3) check acceptance options that provide near
real-time authorizations. Check2Pay converts paper checks to electronic
transactions, or continue accepting checks as you do today. Either way,
your payment can be guaranteed and your customers can pay the way they

Our data processing options can help you:
Reduce check processing costs.
Reduce the risk of fraud, returned checks, and non-sufficient funds notifications.
Since we own the Gateway, it also increase back-office efficiency.
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