Sales Increase through Market Expansion:
Expand available payment options for your customers by offering e-checks. This opens up a brand new
demographic of customers who prefer to transact minus the worry of fraud and identity theft that are commonly
rampant in other traditional payment methods, thus increasing sales. E-checks securely require account validation
and customer authentication processes that identify bad checks within seconds.
Safe, Smart and Simple:
Our secure Data Processing is a smart choice for the environment. It helps reduce more than 67.4 million gallons
of fuel and 3.6 million tons of greenhouse emissions created by transporting paper checks.
Greater Efficiency and Reduced Fraud:
Our smart and impregnable automated data processing system cuts down the number of people who must handle
the check, minimizing the potential for error and fraud. We regularly monitor and update our negative accounts
database to help further decrease fraudulent activity.
Heightened Security:
Electronic data conversion leverages the latest and most advanced protection features such as encryption and
message authentication. Our unique three level encryption and state of the art message authentication methods
are considered as one of the most secure in the data processing industry.
Diligent Authentication:
First, we verify that the person providing the data information is authorized to use that checking account. We then
proceed to confirm the customer's name, checking account and check numbers, as well as the billing address
associated with the said checking account.